TolaTables is a data collection, aggregation and sharing tool for all types of data collection methods. TolaTables is designed to track the impact of humanitarian programs and projects in the field.

Consolidating data sources for timely analysis.

TolaTables is a tool for all types of data collection. Designed to solve the problem of duplicate and disaggregated data, TolaTables can integrate data from multiple platforms and provide merge, auto-export, data cleaning, editing, sharing and analysis features. It also provides the data service back end for other Tola tools such as TolaActivity.

Digital data collection.

TolaTables directly integrates with mobile data collection platforms such as Ona to provide users with access to all of their forms and data for import and management in TolaData. Each data set is then managed in its own silo that can then later be mapped and merged with other silos.

Open source. Open data.

Share data as a public repository or privately with other users through our external REST data service API. This service is also available for other data platforms or analysis tools or exported to a new or existing Google Sheets or downloaded as any number of file types including csv or xls files. TolaTables also provides direct record editing and cleanup as well as a set of column mapping and merge tools that allow the user to collate multiple data silos into one.