TolaScience is a deep dive into your data through analysis that culminates in visual and quantitative metrics.

Publish and learn from your data in order to boost impact.

Through the course of engagement with country teams, the TolaData team has noticed some common challenges around effective collection and usage of data. Legacy tools and processes, coupled with resource limitations, frequently lead to incomplete, poor-quality data, obscuring key takeaways from program managers and country leadership. Additionally - lacking relevant, targeted support - teams struggle to articulate a cohesive data workflow capable of bridging the gap between data collection and evidence-based, adaptive program management and the incorporation of key lessons learned into future programming. In response to these needs, the team created the TolaScience unit, which builds off of the wider TolaData platform to deliver data-driven insight to teams operating worldwide.

Tools and People.

The rise of digital data collection tools has dramatically increased the speed at which teams are able to collect and organize data from the field. These tools combine seamlessly with the TolaData ecosystem, an open-source, web-based M&E data-management platform to bring data-driven learning opportunities to the forefront. The TolaScience team leverages these established advances to put the right data in front of the right people at the right time and unlock powerful adaptive management and learning opportunities.

Introducing TolaScience.

TolaScience staff are available to help your team at any stage of your transition to data-driven learning; whether you are designing and building your first mobile data collection system, integrating your data into an M&E platform like TolaData, or thinking through how to use your data to adaptively manage your program portfolio and make strategic decisions. We can help you design a data collection structure that meets your learning and evaluation needs, and train your staff on how to manage and adjust the digital tools. Once your data collection process is working smoothly, we’ll evaluate your needs and connect you with the right tools to turn your data into actionable insights. Whether this takes the form of our dynamic dashboarding tools, or custom-built Jupyter Notebooks, TolaScience staff have the expertise to meet your unique reporting and data visualization requirements.