TolaActivity is a collection of standard data forms, reports, and visualizations designed to track program and project impact. The two primary components of TolaActivity are: Project Workflow and Indicator Tracking.

Putting adaptive management into practice.

Project Workflow is a set of standard forms that are used for management and for facilitating the traceability of data through evidence-based documentation. Workflow utilizes a set of dashboards and reports to track the progress of a project within the standard forms, workflow and process.

For more details on existing TolaActivity Project Workflow forms please contact our team.

Standardization promotes adaptation.

Each stage of a project is tracked on TolaActivity dashboards, allowing managers to see progress at a glance. Primary project forms are supplemented by flexible monitoring forms such as training and beneficiary registration forms. Workflow also includes a larger information repository and checklist to help track more in-depth or qualitative details of the project. This process is fully customizable, allowing for the tracking of progress of an agreement as it nears completion.

Transparency through traceable results.

The Indicator Tracking tool is used to create a set of activity, output, outcome and goal indicators for each program, helping donors and staff track the performance of a program or project. The indicators are defined and agreed upon by the donor(s) before a program is created in the system, then imported via a data service or manually entered.

Progress against each indicator is documented via data entry forms directly through the system, or imported through a digital data collection tool or consolidator like TolaTables. These indicators are then linked back to projects tracked through Project Workflow to outline targets vs. actuals.