We are building an open-source monitoring and evaluation platform that streamlines data, brings transparency and builds capacity for humanitarian projects.

Challenges in Humanitarian Data.

TolaData addresses the challenges of existing humanitarian M&E systems by bringing transparency and organizational learning to the forefront of its goals.

Our mission is to enable organizations to create postive impact through smart technology.

Tola: A Pashto word meaning 'Complete'.

TolaData combines M&E processes with open data and open source tools to provide a dynamic platform for data discovery and high-impact analysis. TolaData helps you to standardize your data needs while at the same time remaining flexible enough to meet the ever-changing demands of an international team.

As part of the TolaData offering, M&E and Data advisors can help your country program analyze their current portfolio and help answer strategic questions for higher program impact. The agile iteration process of TolaData helps offers real-time solutions that help to keep your programs relevant.

Our Approach.

TolaData’s approach utilizes the power of cloud-based technologies to improve program monitoring efforts. This means our platform allows you to sync data seamlessly regardless of your internet connectivity status.

Harnessing existing mobile technology provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional paper and pencil data collection methods, and by conducting surveys using tablets or even mobile phones, data collection times are reduced and beneficiary verification is improved.

Once data has been collected, TolaData blends it with simple workflow tools and a centralized database to allow for customized reporting that can integrate with third party software with low maintenance costs.

Software and Data Science Combined.

The TolaData team is available for remote support or in-person trainings to help teams define their specific use cases and requirements for data collection, discovery and analysis. We believe in helping our clients customize TolaData’s open tools to allow each program’s unique goals and circumstances to be met. During this process we retain open source and open data core strategies allowing for easier collaboration and aggregation to provide the greatest benefit for beneficiaries, teams, and donors.

The combination of these tools and team support provide not just a verifiable set of data but a transferable learning experience that helps individual programs and countries adapt and grow while sharing information with stakeholders across the globe.